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48+ days since last incident

Past Incidents

VPN Issue

23 Jan 2019 16:55 UTC

The VPN IPs got blacklisted by the IPS/IDS on the firewall. These addresses have now been whitelisted and this shouldn’t happen again.

Major outage

Affected Systems: Delivery Portal, Site to Site VPN, ksID

DNS Migration

21 Jan 2019 22:07 UTC

Update: Customer websites have started to appear back online again in certain locations. Please be patient as DNS can take upto 48 hours to update world-wide.

23 Jan 2019 22:05 UTC

Update: We have transfered the DNS over to the new host. We are currently waiting for customer sites DNS to update propagate. We identified some missing records in our main DNS what caused these websites to become offline. We will post an update once more infomation is available.

23 Jan 2019 22:00 UTC

We are migrating our DNS (Domain Name System) to a new DNS Servers. So, websites what are managed by KS will be moved across. We are expecting a minimal amount of downtime but there is still a possibility for an outage. We have completed test migrations on some KS owned domains these have all been completed successfully with out any downtime.

The main kieransaul.co.uk domain will be migrated during this process.

Important Information: All inbound and outbound emails we be held by mail servers if your domain becomes available during the migration process.

Customers what have their domains managed by KS, your domains will be updated to the following name servers:

custprod-ns1.kieransaul.co.uk custprod-ns2.kieransaul.co.uk custprod-ns3.kieransaul.co.uk custprod-ns4.kieransaul.co.uk

This planned maintenance will be happening on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at 19:00 to 21:00.

Under maintenance

Affected Systems: Hosting - DC1, Hosting - DC2, CDN, Managed E-Mail, Load Balancer, Mass E-Mail Delivery, Delivery Portal, ksID, ksID Password Reset Tool

Delivery Portal - ksID Move/Password Reset Portal

31 Dec 2018 20:19 UTC

We migrated the KS Delivery portal to use the new ksID authentication system. While testing this we had no problems moving this. But when we moved it into production the system was presenting the 500 error. We located this down to incorrect tick box which was ticked on the Web Application Proxy.

During this process we also discovered that the ksID password reset tool wasn’t working correctly, this was because the service account didn’t have the correct delegated permissions to reset user passwords. This has now also been fixed.

Major outage

Affected Systems: Delivery Portal, ksID Password Reset Tool

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